5 Ways You Can Make Healthy Habits Stick After New Year

Feb 27, 2022 | Health Coaching

By the time January ends, most people have given up their New Year’s Resolutions. Are you one of them?

If you are, don’t feel too bad! February can be a good time to restart the New Year for yourself. We still have plenty of time to commit to one or two health and wellness tips that improve our energy, flexibility, stamina and be ready for the great weather and opportunity to be outside, more active and travel.

Set yourself up to make healthy habits a permanent fixture in your life by utilizing these 5 healthy habit tips:

Don’t take on too much

Many people try to do too much too soon and get overwhelmed, which can let them give up. The key is to simplify and focus on doing less that you actually can and will do long term.

FInd out how to build healthy habits by starting small:

  • 30-45 minutes of walking once a week
  • 5-10 minute stretches upon waking up
  • Drinking 1-2 glasses of lemon water first thing in the morning

The key is to list down just 3 healthy habits you can do and commit to days of the week to do them. And when things get busy? Move your schedule around, but commit to the habits!

Attach new habits to existing habits

New habits can work for you more efficiently when you attach them to existing ones. And better yet, if your existing habits are made better when paired with something new!

For example, if you want to stretch daily to reduce neck and back pain, do the stretches in bed when you first wake up for 5-10 minutes before getting out of bed.

If you make the commitment to yourself to not get out of bed until you stretch, you can make it easy to do the habit daily. Every time you see your bed, you are reminded to do your stretches.

Set a realistic time frame for your new habits

You don’t want to set yourself up for disappointment by thinking that you can stick to your new healthy habits immediately, without giving yourself time to think about when you can fully integrate them into your daily routine.

Studies show that it takes 46 days to commit to a new healthy habit, so with that in mind, give yourself a minimum of 6 and a half weeks to commit to your habit fully. Get used to your habits being integrated into your routine and see if they work regularly for you.

Celebrate your wins

Rewarding yourself after committing to healthy habits for weeks can help you realize that the small, meaningful changes you make for yourself can motivate you to keep going. Without a reward, it might be easier to fall off and leave your habit behind. Treat yourself well and appreciate your own effort!

If you need a sign that rewarding yourself will do you some good, feel free to join our 6 Week Healthy Habits Challenge. Plus, you can be eligible for a cash prize and a consultation with Dr. Andrea Renee!

Write down the results you want

Visualize this daily: How is my life made better with my daily habits? What kind of change do I see in myself every day? Inspire yourself with total clarity to make doing the work of building your new habit doable.

You can also answer this simple question of self-reflection: What is something you really enjoy and are able to do regularly for your own self-improvement?

Share this ideal result and what you would be able to do with a friend. Afterwards, you can invite them to self-reflect with you and even build their own healthy habits. By writing these things down, the both of you can hold each other accountable.

Learn more with us today!

Building healthy habits can be quite intimidating, but not when you have someone with you to guide you along the way. Dr. Andrea Renee is a health and wellness doctor based in California who can help you achieve your health goals with acupuncture, exercise therapy, Chinese medicine, weight loss, and more!

To contact her directly, click “Schedule Your Healing Today” on this website! Take charge of your health today.

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