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Learn About Chillax Om Acupuncture Clinic and owner Dr. Andrea Renee, DACM, LAc:

Watch this video to learn how acupuncture can stop pain and stress as well as boost energy, peak performance and more! Plus hear how acupuncture helps Dr. Andrea manage her own daily chronic pain long-term without side effects of prescription drugs or surgery.

Learn more Business Tips from the Trenches from Dr. Andrea and co-authors of their Amazon Best Selling book.

“Ideally, now, with this book, you can avoid the pitfalls, significant losses, and suffering-packed roller coaster ride I fell into over the last 31 years. I intend to contribute my experiences to this book and hopefully help you become an aware, conscious, intentional, and whole person now without my 16-year rise and crash and 31-year uphill resiliency journey. You can be resilient, living your definition of success now. You can do better than I did with less suffering. I’m dedicated to helping you do that for your benefit and your life’s contribution to humanity.”

– Dr. Andrea Renee Rivera

We share more timeless tips we learned the hard way and would have shared in the book if we went beyond our 3000 word chapter limit! This is a group pod cast interview of me, and most of the coauthors of my new Business Tips From the Trenches book:

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Top 10 Acupuncturist Award 2021

Navigating Life’s Detours: The Roadmap To Acupuncture And Self-Leadership With Dr. Andrea Renee Rivera

Although life can be challenging, embracing self-leadership empowers us to overcome obstacles, turn hardships into chances, and create a brighter future through our own efforts. Today, our guest is the remarkable Dr. Andrea Renee Rivera, a renowned jewelry designer turned acupuncturist. She shares her inspiring journey of resilience, personal growth, and self-leadership. Dr. Rivera dives deep into the rabbit hole of acupuncture, exploring the profound benefits it can bring to our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. She also shares practical strategies for navigating adversity and embracing change with grace and determination. Tune in and discover the power within you to overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

Magic of Miracles Podcast Episode 13: “Awakening in the moment of a near dead experience” interview with Dr. Andrea Renee, DACM, LAc.

Dr. Andrea Renee Rivera had a profound life changing experience when she was hit by a car in New York City. Her life then took on a whole new way of living by healing her body, her mind and her inner emotional well-being. Driven by her own personal history of overwork, orthopedic trauma, chronic pain, MTHFR, Celiac and PTSD since a car accident in 1994, it is Dr. Andrea Renee’s resolute mission to empower others to end their own suffering by learning how to become their own medicine as she herself has done, utilizing the lifestyle tools she personally practices daily of Yoga, Meditation, Chigong, Acupuncture, Herbology, Diet and Personal Development. Dr. Renee, L.Ac., DACM, MATCM is a licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Dr. Andrea Renee, DACM, LAc. on the Soul Hygiene Podcast


9/11 and Overcoming PTSD with Dr. Andrea Renee

At the age of 19, Dr. Andrea Renee was the co-founder and president of Andrea Renee, Inc., a cutting-edge jewelry design and production business with headquarters in Manhattan’s SOHO neighborhood before she graduated as a doctor of acupuncture and oriental medicine. She received recognition on a global scale for 15 years as one of New York Magazine’s “Favourite Downtown Jewellery Designers” because of the famous customers who frequented her own SOHO Boutique.

9/11 destroyed many downtown businesses including Dr. Renee’s. She shares her story of trying to recover a business after an unexpected national tragedy. And restarting her life after 40.