Best Bras for Breast Health for Holiday Gifts

Dec 14, 2021 | Health Coaching

A bra can greatly affect your breast health. The right bra, which offers ample comfort while still providing support, can lead to healthier breasts. On the other hand, opting for the wrong type of bra may lead to certain health conditions in the future. Here are the types of bras to buy and gift your loved ones with according to a health and wellness doctor in California.


For many, support is a key factor when it comes to choosing bras. Oftentimes, support takes a precedence over comfort, and many find themselves agonizing over an uncomfortable bra (particularly ones with stiff underwire) all in the name of support.

Support can be achieved with more comfort without the use of an underwire. Sports bras have become more popular in the current marketplace replacing underwire bra popularity and use. For example, I recommend this non-toxic organic cotton-based undergarment because it does not contain any chemical residue that could possibly seep into your skin. The material used for the bra has not come into contact with any pesticides or toxic finishes. They are also free from underwires that can block the lymph system.

While a study conducted in 2014 disputed the long-held beliefs that bra wearing (particularly underwire bras) can cause breast cancer, I still would not recommend it, especially for breastfeeding moms. The underwire in the bra can put extra pressure on the breast ducts, which could cause pain due to plugging known as mastitis.

Organic material

Especially in regard to undergarments, I recommend patients wear non-toxic cotton fabrics free of pesticides and other toxic chemicals. The skin is our largest organ and can be a gateway for very toxic chemicals to enter our body via clothing fabrics, bath or beauty products, and cleaning products. 

For instance, a class action lawsuit was recently settled with payout to patients who were directly affected by their Johnson & Johnson talc powder, which was later found to be toxic and cancerous. In the early 1970s, studies found asbestos in talc as well as talk collocated in ovarian tissue which obviously brought about public controversy. Since then, talc mining and manufacturing companies (including Johnson & Johnson) have worked hard to dispel the importance of those findings by purposely concealing any research done behind a corporate veil and influencing medical reviews in their favor.

Apart from any chemicals that may be on the fabric, synthetic fabrics also restrict air flow. Because our skin needs to breath in order to maintain its health, its best to avoid synthetic fabrics as these can trap moisture and prevent skin from breathing which can cause skin problems like rashes.

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Wearing the right bra is important not just for your breast health but for your overall health as well. Apart from taking proper care of your body, a yearly visit to your health and wellness doctor in California can help you spot any anomalies in its early stages, so you can act on it immediately. Find a doctor in California who specializes in health and wellness such as Chillax Om to give your body the care it deserves. 

Dr. Andrea Renee is a trusted health and wellness doctor in California who can diagnose and treat the root of the problem. She is resolute in her mission to teach others how to take care of themselves by learning how to become their own medicine, which she does through yoga, meditation, chi gong, acupuncture, herbal medicine, diet, and personal development.

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