Coach Harlow “Chip” Reseburg III

Peak Performance & Entrepreneurial Coach

Harlow “Chip” Reseburg III is Dr. Andrea’s friend, colleague, and personal peak performance coach walking with her on the journey of becoming ever more Superhuman. Chip is an expert health hacker who practically applies positive psychology and its connection to timeless and universal wisdom in his coaching for personal performance and fulfillment, as well as in his one-on-one deep internal spiritual work.

Chip walks his talk and in his practical training shares his ongoing journey to becoming superhuman and the peak performance primer lifestyle he practices daily and teaches his clients to become the best versions of themselves and make the most valuable contribution they can to society with their heart for service, skills, and talents.

He has an extensive martial arts background in Tae Kwon Do, Ninpo, Doce Pares, Daoist Internal Martial Arts, breath work, and meditation, and managed a successful martial arts studio with over 250 students. Chip was taught directly under the master’s son, who was also a master, and trained Olympic tryout hopefuls.

With a blue-collar trades and artistic upbringing, Chip has an education in Computer Science, has traveled over half a million miles, read over a thousand books, and lives a high-flow lifestyle with a rigorous daily schedule that rivals formal military training.

His peak performance lifestyle has led to an eclectic and diverse career list of over 20 professions ranging from computer network technician to architectural and utilitarian blacksmithing.

As an entrepreneur, Chip started selling his artwork in grade school. He has been self-employed for over 20 years, and founded a social-centered startup that was a semi-finalist in the Build-A-Business competition with Tim Ferris and Richard Branson.

In the professional coaching space, Chip has advised New York Times best-selling authors, venture capitalists and angel investors, fortune 500 CEOs, and venture projects up to mid-cap scale ($500M).