Andrea Renee's journey to become a life and business coach and continue on to become a Dr. of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist began when she was run over by a taxi in New York City in 1994 and became a life-long chronic pain patient.

Since then she's had an interesting journey overcoming her physical challenges and maintaining her ability to work as a entrepreneur working for herself in her first 6 figure business designing and creating jewelry with a celebrity following, coaching solo-entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits as a business consultant in her second business and helping real people overcome their own health challenges as a yoga instructor, energy worker and acupuncturist in her third business.

Along the way, she realized her peers lack vital clarity on their mission and vision for their lives and work in addition to proper support and business acumen to help them succeed, and more importantly, thrive doing what they love while at the same time enjoying actual work-life balance and ideal quality of life.

Andrea Renee has also seen that passion for what we do and how we are living can be sorely missing from our lives when we become solely focused on our obligations, responsibilities and financial, health and relationship challenges.

Andrea Renee herself and her clients have found that when effective tools like the Passion Test life and business coaching process are used our mission and vision clarity and love for living can be reawakened and make our ideal lives a reality.

"Our passions are the bread crumbs that lead us to our destiny...What we want in life will manifest only to the extent that we are clear." - The Passion Test by Chris and Janet Atwood

Do you feel burnt out and stuck on a treadmill of responsibilities that are dragging you down?

Are you having trouble breaking through to a new level of peak performance and accomplishing your goals?

Do you want to get your fire back and feel that your heart is in your life and work again?

Passion is a powerful driving force in life. We all know when we are living with passion and when we are not.

Life, relationships and work are much harder when we have lost our passion.

We all love to be around inspiring, dynamic, powerful and uplifting passionate people that love how they live, what they do and who they are doing life with.

We can be those passionate people!

The Passion Test can get us there!

The Passion Test can be done about your life as a whole or specifically focused on a part of your life like your career or relationships.

Whatever part of your life you need more passion in you can focus your own Passion Test on it!

Dr. Renee, DACM can lead you through your passion test!

You can become a more passionate, on fire person!

You can be clearer, more confident, better able to communicate effectively at work and at home!

You can stop second-guessing your life decisions and actions and be powerful living full out in total integrity!

Our passions are our core values that mean the most to us.

When we are clear on what matters most to us we can live powerfully, making all our life decisions in integrity according to our top 5 core values (passions).

Dr. Andrea Renee, DACM has been a Passion Test for Life, Youth and Business Facilitator since 2011.

She loves working with the heart centered, like you can see in the testimonial videos below, helping them live their highest potential and make a lasting positive impact on humanity.

The most important lesson from 83,000 brain scans

A Dr. Amen Brain Scan and Smart Brain Rehabilitation Program can be a vital part of living our best life at our peak performance.

Dr. Andrea Renee, DACM, LAc., can help you evaluate if a next step of getting a brain scan at the Amen Clinic and getting on a Brain Smart Rehabilitation Program is a complementary option for you in taking action on your life and business coaching clarity and goals.

Here is a video about Dr. Amen's 22 years of work in psychiatry and 83,000 brain scans.