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Dr. Andrea Renee, DACM, LAc. is practicing with best practice safety measures

Acupuncture is Essential

Overcome Stress, Orthopedic & Musculo-Skeletal pain & Premature Aging. Achieve Peak Performance. Enjoy Highest Quality of Life & Longevity. Be Empowered to Live Your Best Life with Customized Yoga, Meditation, Chigong, Asian Bodywork Therapies, Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine and Lifestyle


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Be Your Own Medicine and Forever Young.

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"Wonderful [5 Element Architecture of Being Human personal development course] presentation today!... You can participate in [this personal development group’s] evolution and growth!"

~C. L., NY, NY

in regards to Dr. Andrea Renee's 5 Element Architecture of Being Human personal development course

Empowered Leader

"Andrea Renee is an empowered leader. Her insights and inherent wisdom combined with her extensive study make her a gift to those she supports."

~S.H., Victoria Island, Canada

in regards to Dr. Andrea Renee's Life Coaching Services

She is amazing

"My step son has kidney stones often and the last time was severe…Andrea, who is a doctor of Chinese medicine, [recommended this herbal medicine] to him [that] dissolved the stone and he didn’t even feel it pass. Crazy I know but after that he stayed on it and hasn’t had another since…She is amazing."

~S.L., Dallas, TX

in regards to Dr. Andrea Renee's Herbal Medicine Treatment

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