COVID Prevention Tips – UV Light HEPA Filters can Be Your Best Friend!

Jan 14, 2022 | Health Coaching

While on the lookout for stress management services in California, you might want to look inward first to see what the root cause of all your anxiety is. After some reflection, don’t be surprised if rising COVID cases have caused more fear to enter your household lately. Whether you’ve contracted the virus already or not, public health is everyone’s responsibility, and we’re here to tell you that alternative solutions to curb the spread of the virus are here!

Curious about how UV light can protect your household from COVID? Read on below:

What is UV light?

It’s defined as an invisible form of electromagnetic radiation. It’s just outside the visible spectrum for humans, so it’s perfectly normal to not be able to see its rays clearly.

UV light’s visible output is slightly longer than that of X-rays, but shorter than visible light. It is also estimated to make up about ten percent (10%) of the sun’s total light output.

This kind of light can also be generated artificially. Common sources of artificial UV light include black lights, tanning beds, arc welders, and some air purifiers.

UV light can destroy harmful organisms

The best stress management services in California can all tell you that freedom from illness can be one of the most certain kinds of stress relief you can experience. The more you read up on how UV light can destroy harmful microorganisms, the more you’ll want your own source in your home!

The UV filtration process found in some artificial sources of UV light have been found to offer a certain amount of reduction in viruses. It can also potentially deactivate some kinds of bacteria and mold so they don’t thrive in your home.

It can purify the air

This is great news for households struggling with respiratory illnesses like allergic rhinitis and asthma, all thanks to something that should be present in your residential UV light source: a HEPA filter.

How does it work? For example, an air purifier with competent UV light technology can pull air into itself and pass through a fine filter called a HEPA filter. The air needs to pass through an internal chamber where it is then exposed to UV light. Don’t worry about UV light being released into your room. You won’t be able to see it and you won’t be directly exposed to it either. Some models include another filter that the air passes through before being released back into your room.

It can reduce unpleasant odors

UV light sources aren’t just great sources of air purification, but they can also help you get rid of unpleasant smells. This is particularly helpful for homes that have rowdy pets or children who spend lots of time outdoors. Sometimes, no matter how much they bathe, rooms can still end up smelling like sweat and other unpleasant outdoor odors.

While shopping for UV light sources, check if they also contain activated carbon. This component is great for odor absorption.

Good light sources are also quiet

While shopping for a UV light source that suits you, try asking your supplier if it also operates quietly. If you’re sensitive to background noise while working from home or have children who are currently studying from home as well, a UV light source that’s also quiet is supposed to help purify the air around you without being a bother.

If you’re buying a UV light source in person, try asking your dealership if they can demonstrate the product to you in person. You’ll be able to tell immediately if it’s quiet enough for your needs.

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