CuppingCupping is a Chinese Medicine technique that is especially useful in the treatment of pain or injury. Cupping works by moving local qi or blood stagnation in the channels, and is usually performed along with or as an alternative to acupuncture. When cupping is performed, the cups are warmed to create suction, and then carefully placed over the selected area. This gently draws the skin up and into the cup and holds the cup in place. This process encourages the healthy flow of qi and blood both in the local area and along the entire meridian, allowing blockages and stagnation to clear.


Cupping is a versatile treatment which can be used for varied conditions, including:

  • back pain
  • arthritis
  • abdominal pain and painful menstruation
  • neck and shoulder tension and pain
  • common cold, asthma and cough skin conditions
  • headaches

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