Pay Attention To Inflammation: Prevent Disease By Battling Inflammation Through These Steps

Oct 30, 2021 | Health Coaching

Ask anyone who has gone through an infection or serious disease and they’ll tell you the same thing: during the height of their illness, they experienced inflammation in different places of the body. Now, some people might think that inflammation is a symptom of a disease, but actually, it’s the other way around: disease is a by-product of chronic inflammation, something that every health and wellness doctor in California and beyond knows by heart.

Fortunately, there are ways to holistically heal and prevent inflammation using an ancient Chinese exercise called Qi Gong. But first, let’s take a look at inflammation.

Does Inflammation Cause Disease?

In general, inflammation happens when a part of your body experiences trauma or injury. Your body rushes blood, plasma, and other essential fluids to the damaged area in order to encourage healing and growth.

However, areas of your body can be chronically inflamed because of poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, and other environmental factors, leading to a condition called Systemic Chronic Inflammation, or SCI. SCI has been linked to various illnesses and diseases that can cause disability and increase your chances of early mortality.

Thankfully, SCI can (and is often fixed) by lifestyle changes and adopting certain physical activities that promote better blood flow and, in turn, better circulation that can decrease the chances of SCI and inflammation in general.

How To Fix Inflammation With Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese practice that is still alive and well in the East. It’s the Chinese analogue to Indian Ayurvedic practices like yoga. In Qi Gong, practitioners believe that certain movements, poses, and stretches allow energy (known as Qi) to flow more freely around the body. A buildup of Qi in the wrong places, or a non-movement of Qi from one place to another, is believed to be the cause of various illnesses.

While that might sound silly, modern science disagrees: research shows that chronic inflammation creates a blood buildup in areas of our body that prevent electrical impulses from flowing evenly throughout the body. Is this the Qi that the ancient Chinese knew about thousands of years ago? Possibly. What we do know is that low-impact, low effort exercises –like the ones present in Qi Gong –actually encourage the body to activate the lymphatic system, which has been proven to prevent systemic chronic inflammation.

A Morning Routine To Help You Energize

This is a simple Qi Gong exercise that anyone can do at any time of the day. It takes 5 minutes to do and is perfect for anyone looking for a quick energy boost. This exercise can be done by pretty much anyone, of all ages, shapes, sizes, and athletic ability. It doesn’t require a lot of physical effort, but when done repeatedly, throughout the day and every day, you will notice great improvements in your flexibility, muscle strength, overall energy levels, and mood. Here’s how to give yourself a morning energy boost.

Warmup With A Simple Exercise

Start by warming up your body and loosening your muscles. Start by standing up straight, with your shoulders rolled back and down. Keep your legs shoulder-width apart and your neck and back aligned. Keep your knees straight, but relaxed. Next, place your arms to the side, but keep your forearm and wrists relaxed. Twist at the waist, and as you twist, allow your forearms to lightly whip back and forth as well. This helps your body loosen up gently and without straining. Do this until you start feeling your muscles relax.

Use Your Hands To Tap Your Body

Make a fist and keep it closed firmly, but gently. Lightly tap all the parts of your body, from your forearms and biceps to your shoulders, chest, legs, and parts of your upper and lower back. Make sure to lightly tap your sides as well. Pay special attention to your underarms and your armpit area, as these places contain a sizable number of lymph nodes. If you need to stretch to reach your legs or your back, do so slowly and gently. Over time, you’ll develop better flexibility by doing this exercise frequently and slowly extending just a bit more every time.

Shake It Off!

As Taylor Swift says, shake it off! Bounce from the balls of your feet while shaking the rest of your body. You can do this slow and relaxed if you like, or fast and energetic. There is no ‘wrong’ way to bounce and shake, other than overdoing it and straining yourself!
By doing this exercise every day, you slowly start to build more flexibility and more strength in your muscles. Coupled with regular exercise, therapy, and the right nutrients, you can stave off inflammation and prevent most diseases easily.

Become Your Own Medicine

The goal of holistic practitioners and every health and wellness doctor in California and beyond is to teach people how to become their own medicine and teach their bodies to self-sooth as much as possible. At Chillax OM, we have a host of services that are designed to help people recover and heal the natural way. Contact us, today, and we’ll see how we can help you!

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