Reiki/Chigong Energy Work

Energy work can help reduce pain, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and nausea plus improve mental clarity, immunity and digestion.

Treatments are very soothing, relaxing and non invaisive.
No treatment tools are requried and no discomfort or pain occurs.

The body’s own ability to self heal can be stimulated by the channeling of energy gathered from nature passing through the energy worker to the receiving client.

Energy workers like Dr. Andrea Renee, have spent many years and thousands of hours practicing personal energy cultivation such as self healing chigong, yoga and meditation that enable them to raise their own resonnant frequency to gather and channel the positive light energy from nature in treatment sessions.

Dr. Renee is an American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia ( Certified Asisn Bodywork Therapist (ABT) specializing in Medical Chigong. She has completed well over 1000 hours of training in medical and self healing chigong at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and AOMA University of Integrative Medicine that are both certified schools with certified instructors. Dr. Renee has been a medical chigong practitioner since 2010

The Traditional Oriental Medicine protocols of Medical Chigong and Reiki from China and Japan respectively have been passed down for thousands of years from teachers to students and for over 30 years certifies the quality and integrity of the training and practice of these ABT modalities.

Some mild sensations of coolness, warmth or tingling may be slightly felt during a treatment session.

Guided imagery, breathwork plus light touching acupressure may also be included in treatments as needed.

Dr. Renee also empowers clients by helping them learn their own practice of self-healing chigong that can bring them the best lasting results and benefits.

Generally, clients feel lighter, calmer, rested and uplifted from treatment and feel relief from the symptoms they had before the energy work session.

Elizabeth P. about Reiki, Renee and Gentle Wind