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Suzanne Meldeau (Leonard) Lifestyle Design Testimonial

Chillax Om 5 Star Reviews

I LOVE working with Dr. Renee! She explains complex topics to my level of comprehension, and she’s a joyous cheerleader! When I view a moment/data point as meh, she enthusiastically points out the positive progressions I’ve made to better health.

I also appreciate her teaching me simple adjustments I can make in between appointments (including home exercises, stretching, and food swaps) so I’m empowered to take back my health.

I’m so grateful for Dr. Renee’s help and healing!!!

Stephanie N.

If your looking for a great accuptureors.. Look no further. Dr. Renne is the Best. Her knowledge is incredible. She is a doctor who takes her time in treating you. She truly cares about you and teaches you how to help take care of yourself. Her knowledge of Chinese medicine with the art of acupuncture and cupping working all together is truly healing to your body. She has successfully helped me get out of major Chronicle pain and change my daily out look on life. Her positive energy and carrying of her patients is outstanding. It’s unfortunate more doctors don’t have this kind of bedside manner and true caring for their patients you can’t find anybody better than her give her a call in find out for yourself. She’s an awesome doctor
Loretta M.

Dr Renee saved me from years of stiffness and discomfort. I never had acupuncture in the past, but after 4 treatments, my neck loosened in ways that even 10 years of yoga never accomplished. Her Chinese medicine has improved my internal health lowering my cholesterol and maintaining energy. Her thorough knowledge and her gift for explaining difficult concepts in simple ways is also greatly appreciated. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Own the Potential

Dr. Andrea Rivera is one of the best Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Spiritual Healer that I have met. Her knowledge is vast and her compassion for her patients is abundant. I have always had positive results after my sessions with her. She always given her full attention to my treatments. I highly recommend being treated by Dr. Andrea Rivera.

Dr. Renee is an amazing Oriental Medicine practitioner and healer! She is friendly, personable, and helpful. Her positive attitude and beautiful spirit can inspire anyone who comes near her. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the art of healing!
Cinthia M.

Andrea has so much knowledge and professionalism, which she shows through her compassion and care for her clients. She has been incredibly helpful and made herself available to address all the concerns and questions that have come up during this process. I’m grateful for her help and commitment to her practice.
Jillian P.

Renee is so intuitive and insightful about her approach to my wellness. The weekly Accupuncture I receive from her resets my energetic center and helps me manage stress. I recommend Chillax Om as a kind thing to do for one’s well-being and balance for 2020 and beyond.
Fran R.

Dr. Andrea is the best doctor I’ve ever been to, holistic or otherwise. She really cares about all of her patients and can really dial in on exactly what the patient needs. Unlike other doctors, she’s the first who’s gone above and beyond in showing me how to treat my own symptoms, so that I don’t HAVE to come back as often and can work on overcoming my migrains and other aches and pains on my own terms. This level of care and compassion for patients is what is missing from western medicine and I’m so glad I found Dr. Andrea and Chillax Om. Couldn’t recommend this place enough!!
Evan G.

Dr. Renee uses her compassion and knowledge to provide outstanding treatments. My first treatment from her alleviated my severe pain coming from my hip. I was pain-free for a whole week and then have had only minor infrequent pain since.
Paul D.

I’m very pleased to recommend this acupuncture establishment to anyone dealing with unwanted body issues.
The treatments are carefully and professionally delivered. What’s more important, the results.
I leave my appointments very relaxed, as though I’m floating on air, with my pain a distant memory .
Juliet K.

Dr. Renee is the Stress Whisperer as far as I’m concerned. I never feel the needles when she works on me, and I usually feel at least 30% better when I just walk into her space. She’s the real deal.
Tiare W.

My experience with Dr. Andrea Renee has been extremely amazing. She has helped me with neck, back and my battles with PTSD.
Though physical therapy and acupuncture.. I highly recommend her.
Elizabeth G.

Dr. Andrea Renee Rivera is our entire family’s ‘go-to’ for all things health and wellness. From pain management to weight loss, Dr. Rivera’s directives, protocols, and Chinese herb formulas have changed our lives in a powerful way. We thank her for guiding us to optimal health.
Suzanne L.

Love Doc, she is a plethora of knowledge and she is quick to respond if you have a question. What a blessing it was to have her introduced into my life.
C. J.

I am so glad I’ve found Andrea Renee! I have been struggling from PMDD for many years and felt like I had tried everything. Andrea used acupuncture to help balance my hormones and after the first month of weekly treatments I had no pms symptoms at all. As I continue to go for maintenance, I feel better and better all the time. She has also given me great nutrition information and tips of relaxing to detress at home. I recommend her to everyone now! I’m pretty sure she saved my relationship! 😜 ❤️
Sara B.

Excellent service by an experienced acupuncturist! A gem in the heart of the Palisades. Look forward to
going back and continuing treatments✨

Andrea was amazing. She did acupuncture and it helped relieve most of my neck tension I felt so great that
whole day. She also recommended some tablets for my heart for only $10 which I think was a great deal.
She’s always available to answer any questions and is very patient and great.

Dr.Andrea is good. She gave me some exercise to do at home for my back pain and some Chinese herbs to
fight with my lack of iron in my pre menopause symptoms. Very useful. Thank you!

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