6 Week Healthy Habits Challenge

Our Holiday 6 Week Healthy Habits Challenge Game for Cash Prizes Starts NOW!

Watch this Video for Challenge details:

Join the challenge to get 1-5 healthy habits you actually like that get results  over the next 6 weeks that will:

1. stop you from gaining weight during the holiday season now through New Years.

2. stop you from being stressed out, exhausted and not enjoying the holidays

3. make sure you actually get gifts you give yourself that you really want

4. set you up to start the new year at your best instead of feeling like crap after new years eve and dragging yourself through Jan. 2022

5. help you have more fun during the holidays with a positive group of health focused people that want to help you learn, do and be your best and celebrate your great challenge results with you how awesome you are!

Plus you can win cash prizes since 100% your $20 challenge entry fee goes into a cash prize pot that is given away to 3 participants with the highest game scores!

Dr. Andrea Renee, DACM

lost 65 pounds 

and has kept it off for 5 years!

You can too!

You can get the support you need to jumpstart your weight loss journey,  permanently change your lifestyle in doable ways you actually like and enjoy permanent weight loss with better health too!