6 Week Healthy Habits Challenge

“The challenge got me on track now with mediating every morning and journaling- really like that addition to every morning. Update, I am down 20lbs so far on my program 🤸‍♂️feeling so much better and now my Son is going to start, makes me so happy for him to get healthy…did i tell you my cholesterol dropped from 249 to 199?
C. K.

Hello Angel of knowledge and encouragement. I wanted to send a note. Your video helped me so much. I had a massage this week, A salt soak, 30 min on stationary bike today AND I found a chi machine in my Fathers things that I inherited. Just did 15 min. Your light and Love Shared is so bright I need to wear shades 😎 On the road choosing low hanging fruit. Much love and continued prayer for you and your family. Love always

Our Spring 6 Week Healthy Habits Challenge Game for Cash Prizes Starts NOW!

Watch this Video for Challenge details:

Join the challenge starting Sun. July 16th!

Plus pay it forward and enter to win a cash prize since 100% of your $20 challenge entry fee is split into supporting our www.ChillaxOm.com/services/wellness-hour program and a $100 cash prize pot that is given away to participants with the highest participation & challenge results scores.

Get 1-3 Healthy habits

  • That you actually like
  • And can do
  • That can give you permanent results!

In just 6 weeks you can:

1. Get the guidance, accountability and support you need to stop you from accepting that aging is gaining more weight and losing more energy and drive every year from the cliché holiday season burnout run Thanksgiving through New Years…

You can create your custom lifestyle that keeps your stress & weight down while keeping your energy and passion up long-term!

  • Have a 30 minute consult with Dr. Andrea to help you design your custom 6 week healthy habits game plan.
  • Access to a weekly Sunday 3p-4p PT group live mind-body mastery class you can attend virtually or in person to get tips and tools for your success and to celebrate your wins!

2. stop yourself from being stressed out, exhausted and not enjoying your life

3. make sure you actually get gifts you give yourself that you really want! You choose the rewards you give yourself for your results! Plus you can choose from surprise bonus prizes Dr. Andrea awards based on participation and results!

4. set yourself up to live your best life throughout the year instead of feeling like crap after new years eve and dragging yourself through each season of the year feeling more worn out each year.

5. help yourself have more fun and fulfillment in life with a positive group of health focused people that want to help you learn, do and be your best and celebrate your great challenge results with you and how awesome you are!
Plus you can win cash prizes since 100% your $20 challenge entry fee goes into a cash prize pot that is given away to 3 participants with the highest game scores! You will also be eligible to win other surprise bonus prizes too!

The 6 week challenge Start Sun. July 16th and become you best now!

Register with your $20 entry fee Now!

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1. $97 discounted 50% to $47 for 3 days post event for 2 courses

A. Pre-recorded 6-week healthy habits challenge next step of accountability to the 4 Pillars of Health
evaluation exercise worksheet.

B. Pre-recorded Forever Young facial rejuvenation 6-week self-care class.

2. Health and Longevity Retail products $50-$150 each that can be ordered:

A. Face care kits

  • I. Basic kit $50 plus $15 shipping = $65 total
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  • IV. Basic kit with both Face and Body Derma Roller add on $120 = $185 including shipping

B. Ear Seeds kits $75 each per condition including shipping.

C. Life Wave patches X39 for example $125/month

D. Private 1:1 virtual Telemedicine session with Dr. Andrea $250, no discount

3. $497 discounted to $397 for 3 days post event for 2 live 6 week programs:

A. Live virtual 6-week healthy habits challenge program that includes a 30-minute private 1:1 virtual
telemedicine consult with Dr. Andrea
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B. Live virtual 6-week Forever Young Facial Rejuvenation program that includes a 30-minute private 1:1
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4. $1000 May 3-5,2024 LIVE Wellness Weekend Retreat discounted $750 for 3 days post-event.

A. In Evergreen, CO at Highland Haven Retreat Center

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You can discuss with Dr. Andrea on your 30 minute consult if these upgrades are right for you. Click link below to schedule your complimentary 30 minute consult with Dr. Andrea to design your challenge game, https://meetings.hubspot.com/reneeriveramedia