6 Week Healthy Habits Challenge

Our Holiday 6 Week Healthy Habits Challenge Game for Cash Prizes Starts NOW!

Watch this Video for Challenge details:

Join the challenge starting Oct. 15th!

Get 1-3 Healthy habits

  • That you actually like
  • And can do
  • That can give you permantent results!

In just 6 weeks you can:

1. Get the guidance, accountability and support you need to stop you from gaining weight during the holiday season from Thanksgiving through New Years…and keep it off long-term!

  • Have a 30 minute consult with Dr. Andrea to help you design your custom 6 week healthy habits game plan.
  • Access to a weekly Sat. 9a-10a group live mind-body mastery class you can attend virtually or in person to get tips and tools for your success and to celebrate your wins!
  • Enjoy a weekly live Sat. 10a-11a hike, stretch, chigong and yoga mixed exercise class!

2. stop yourself from being stressed out, exhausted and not enjoying the holidays

3. make sure you actually get gifts you give yourself that you really want! You choose the rewards you give yourself for your results! Plus you can choose from surprise bonus prizes Dr. Andrea awards based on participation and results!

4. set yourself up to start the new year at your best instead of feeling like crap after new years eve and dragging yourself through the new year.

5. help yourself have more fun during holidays with a positive group of health focused people that want to help you learn, do and be your best and celebrate your great challenge results with you and how awesome you are!
Plus you can win cash prizes since 100% your $20 challenge entry fee goes into a cash prize pot that is given away to 3 participants with the highest game scores! You will also be eligible to win other surprise bonus prizes too!

The 6 week challenge starts Sat. Oct. 15th!

Register with your $20 entry fee Now!

You can even upgrade to 10x your results by adding on:

1. A 21 Day Cleanse and SuperFood boost diet & Supplement plan
So you can lose an average of 10-17 lbs, have more energy, sleep better, improve skin condition and stop being so hungry and feel less stressed, Just $283 for all supplements and recipes! Supplements last longer than just 21 days. Can enjoy delicious recipes long-term!
2. A 5 treatment Nutrient Body Sculpt package
So you can lose an average of 10 to 15 inches, have better body shape, lift and tone, smoother skin, sleep better and feel less stressed, Just $500 for all 5 treatments for a savings of $200 off the usual $700 package cost with regular $150/treatment cost!
3. Ultimate Challenge Makeover Package
Go all in with the ultimate challenge makeover package of everything that includes the full combo of weekly live class with Q&A, weekly nature outdoor exercise meetups, the 21 day cleanse diet with supplements and 5 treatment package of sculpts that can get the max results from the 6 week challenge (this is what I am doing myself) I am offering this Ultimate Package option for 20% off the total $780 cost ($283 cleanse and $497 five treatment sculpt package) so the total would be just $624.

You can discuss with Dr. Andrea on your 30 minute consult if these upgrades are right for you. Click link below to schedule your complimentary 30 minute consult with Dr. Andrea to design your challenge game, https://meetings.hubspot.com/reneeriveramedia

Start Oct. 15th and become your best by Thanksgiving!