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Feeling Stress From Covid-19? Chillax Om Is Here To Help!

CHILLAX OM has designed a free, private donation funded, on-site Wellness Hour program to service vital populations and help them cope with the stress and trauma from COVID-19. 

Dr. Andrea Renee Rivera (“Dr. Renee”), owner and founder of Chillax Om, lived in the downtown Manhattan, NY area through the 9/11 terrorist attack and its aftermath. She experienced numerous bomb threats, toxic smoke from the Twin Towers, and military check points whenever she left her home. 

“It took me years to recover my financial stability and start a new career after my jewelry store closed. These circumstances caused my own personal experience of PTSD that lasted for three years. After trying allopathic methods and medications to alleviate my PTSD symptoms, I sought acupuncture and the mind-body practices of daily yoga, Chigong, Transcendental Meditation and herbal medicine for relief. Because of the success these holistic health care tools offered me, I chose to become a licensed acupuncturist to help others end their own suffering. This is why I am passionately dedicated to delivering this Wellness Hour Program to those most in need now. I want to help people who are experiencing the stressors like I had during 9/11 and start their emotional recovery. During times like these, we can feel like we are out of control of our situation. With the mind-body tools I propose to teach, participants can use them at home and take control of their emotional wellbeing.”

    Community Acupuncture is a fully clothed group treatment of acupuncture that takes place in a large room with a group of people together in comfortable anti gravity reclining chairs.

    Chillax Om has created the Chillax Om Foundation non-profit 501c3 to provide just that – no-cost, on-site Wellness Hours (WH) that will serve vital populations with both auricular acupuncture and mind-body exercises.

    Dr. Renee’s WH program includes: four 1-hour on-site WH scheduled on one day for six weeks. Each WH can serve up to 7 participants per hour in a group pop up clinic at the site (following local health and safety guidelines), 28 participants per day, and 168 participants over the six-week program period. She asks the host to provide a safe location, like a conference room or break area, and she will partner with the host on developing marketing material, including the event and online sign-up information. Dr. Renee will also be providing these Wellness Hours special community acupuncture services to her own local community at her own clinic one day week. 

    In Dr. Renee’s experience, she has administered the auricular acupuncture protocol to over 13,000 patients at various facilities. “Through these experiences, I have witnessed participants feel stress relief, less pain, more energy, experience healthy weight loss, overall increased quality of life, including better relationships at work and at home after using the NADA protocol and mind-body practices.” 

    Dr. Renee plans on starting her program on the Westside of Los Angeles in Jan. 2022 and anticipates expanding to both Los Angeles and Orange Counties later in 2022. If you are an employer in Los Angeles or Orange Counties who thinks the Wellness Hour can help your colleagues and employees, contact Dr. Renee at or 310-461-7494 to schedule a six-week program and for additional information.


    For media enquiries contact: Dr. Andrea Renee Rivera, Chillax Om, or 310-461-7494

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    "Wonderful [5 Element Architecture of Being Human personal development course] presentation today!... You can participate in [this personal development group’s] evolution and growth!"

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    "My step son has kidney stones often and the last time was severe…Andrea, who is a doctor of Chinese medicine, [recommended this herbal medicine] to him [that] dissolved the stone and he didn’t even feel it pass. Crazy I know but after that he stayed on it and hasn’t had another since…She is amazing."

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