Weight Loss

The challenge got me on track now with mediating every morning and journaling- really like that addition to every morning.  Update, I am down 20lbs so far on my program 🤸‍♂️feeling so much better and now my Son is going to start, makes me so happy for him to get healthy…did i tell you my cholesterol dropped from 249 to 199?

C. K.

Hello Angel of knowledge and encouragement. I wanted to send a note. Your video helped me so much. I had a massage this week, A salt soak, 30 min on stationary bike today AND I found a chi machine in my Fathers things that I inherited. Just did 15 min. Your light and Love Shared is so bright I need to wear shades 😎 On the road choosing low hanging fruit. Much love and continued prayer for you and your family. Love always

Dr. Andrea Renee, DACM

lost 65 pounds 

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