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The Top 3 Causes of Disease, and what you can do about them by Dr. Andrea Renee, DACM, LAc.

Dr. Andrea Renee breaks down disease into the top 3 causes and provides simple, doable, daily, preventative, holistic lifestyle based, self-care tools including vitamin and herbal medicine supplements such as Viru Shield (containing top 8 immune boosting vitamin Herbal Medicine supplements: Spirulina, NAC, Oregano Oil, Elderberry, Chaga, Zinc, VitD, VitC) for anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, detoxing healthy living and aging.

Home Self Treatment Plans

At home self treatment plans prescribed by Dr. Renee can utilize these self-treatment tools that can be ordered online here when you click the shop now button of each product below. Orders will be shipped directly to you:


Acupressure Ear Seeds kits

Worn for 2-5 days at a time, all ear seeds work on the same principle of providing acupressure on specific ear points.



Here is where you can save 20% off on your orders of Dr. Andrea Renee’s supplement recommendations. Dr. Renee can also order necessary lab testing via kit tests that can be shipped directly to you, used in your home and mailed to the lab for your results. Lab results will be used to direct any herbal medicine or supplements prescribed and ordered here to be shipped to your home. You can schedule a telemedicine consultation with Dr. Renee here.


Life Wave Technology

patented, proprietary wellness products help to deliver more energy and stamina, mental acuity, better sleep, reduced stress, improved skin appearance, faster wound healing and an overall feeling of youthful vitality.


Nutrient Bath Soak

Great Immune support and stress relief antioxidant, vitamin, mineral bath tool for all of you that I use. Created by top antioxidant scientists. Relaxation and good nutrition support healthy immunity.From the bath the vital nutrients absorb into the skin over time. Texture of skin becomes like velvet. This bath soak has been used on some people that had the flu and they reported feeling better quickly and researchers are working on seeing if they can use this product with the government to test on people with viruses. Results of more energy with general well being and better sleep have been reported by users that can be kept for days by using this bath soak 1-2 times a week.

Chillax OM

Our Clients Love Us


"Wonderful [5 Element Architecture of Being Human personal development course] presentation today!... You can participate in [this personal development group’s] evolution and growth!"

~C. L., NY, NY

in regards to Dr. Andrea Renee's 5 Element Architecture of Being Human personal development course

Empowered Leader

"Andrea Renee is an empowered leader. Her insights and inherent wisdom combined with her extensive study make her a gift to those she supports."

~S.H., Victoria Island, Canada

in regards to Dr. Andrea Renee's Life Coaching Services

She is amazing

"My step son has kidney stones often and the last time was severe…Andrea, who is a doctor of Chinese medicine, [recommended this herbal medicine] to him [that] dissolved the stone and he didn’t even feel it pass. Crazy I know but after that he stayed on it and hasn’t had another since…She is amazing."

~S.L., Dallas, TX

in regards to Dr. Andrea Renee's Herbal Medicine Treatment

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