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Due to Covid19 Shelter at Home order:

Dr. Andrea Renee, DACM, LAc. is offering
by suggested donation $20 one hour virtual consults
now until June 30, 2020
for lifestyle design at home self care treatment plans.

Virtual Sessions can be scheduled on Schedule Appt page of this website.

At home self treatment plans prescribed by Dr. Renee can utilize these self-treatment tools that can be ordered online here when you click the name of each product below. Orders will be shipped directly to you:

  1. Nutrient Bath Soak:

    Great Immune support and stress relief antioxidant, vitamin, mineral bath tool for all of you that I use. Created by top antioxidant scientists. Relaxation and good nutrition support healthy immunity.From the bath the vital nutrients absorb into the skin over time. Texture of skin becomes like velvet. This bath soak has been used on some people that had the flu and they reported feeling better quickly and researchers are working on seeing if they can use this product with the government to test on people with viruses. Results of more energy with general well being and better sleep have been reported by users that can be kept for days by using this bath soak 1-2 times a week.

  2. Arbonne

    Diabetes safe low glycemic index, Mayo clinic clinically researched, non toxic, pesticide free Nutrition, supplements, bath and beauty.

  3. Wellevate

    practitioner quality supplements

  4. Acupressure Ear Seeds kits

    are condition specific made for self treatment at home.

  5. Life Wave Technology

    patches for stem cell activation, inflammation and immune boosting.

    Please Note: Custom Herbal Medicine and at home lab kit test that can be prescribed via virtual session are only ordered directly by Dr. Andrea Renee, DACM, LAc. and shipped directly to the home.