Top Five 2021 up to date Covid prevention and early-stage treatment protocols from Dr. Zelenko

Oct 15, 2021 | Health Coaching

What can be done if I or my loved one has a positive covid test?

Here are resources for at home early stage out patient and hospital treatments that are clinical practice based treatment protocols used sucessfully to treat thousands of patients throughout the 2020 pandemic and published as of Jan. and Feb. 2021 to be aware of and share with your health care team:

1. Dr. Zelenko protocol used to treat over 6000 high risk covid diagnosed patients sucessfully since March 2020, “Based on my front-line experience, it is essential to start treatment against Covid-19 immediately upon clinical diagnosis of the infection and not to wait for confirmatory testing. There is a very narrow window of opportunity to eliminate the virus before pulmonary complications begin. Delaying treatment is the essence of the problem. My treatment regime is attached and please know that as of today it has saved thousands of patients without serious complications or negative side effects. Hundreds of top doctors across the world have embraced prehospital treatment of Covid-19 in high risk patients.”, In March 2020, Dr. Zelenko’s team was one of the first in the country to successfully treat thousands of Covid-19 patients in the prehospital setting. Dr. Zelenko developed his now famous “Zelenko Protocol,” which has saved countless lives worldwide.

2. Clinical research study results published Aug. 17, 2021 on using NAC N-Acetyl-Cysteine as a sucessful treatment of covid19.

NAC has been used many years sucessfully in hospitals to treat sepsis as well as being an over the counter supplement

See attached PDF’s for at home covid treatment protocols with both vitamin supplements and prescription drugs that have been used successfully in hospitals and private practices in the US throughout the pandemic that were published in Jan. and Feb. 2021:

3. The American Journal of Medicine (AJM) peer reviewed paper published January 2021,

4. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons ( covid at home treatment guide published 2/2/21.

5. The Frontline Critical Care Alliance (FLCC Alliance) handout that lists easy reference for Vitamin Supplements including: Vitamin D, Zinc and quercetin plus Ivermectin prescription dosages for Covid19 prevention and early stage treatment.

These 5 resources are current preventative and treatment resources that can be shared with everyone and anyone’s health care team throughout this fall and winter 2021.

May you and yours be well.

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