Veteran’s Workshop 2024

About our Annual Veterans Body, Mind and Sprit Mastery Workshop for Transitioning Vets:

Learn what self-empowerment and self-care tools for health, peak performance, life and career growth we are sharing with you at our upcoming virtual and live workshops.

Join us in Evergreen Colorado November 10th to 12th, 2023

Join us for our
Chillax Om Foundation Non-Profit 501c3’s
Annual Veteran’s Day Weekend Workshop Fundraiser!

Our retiring Veteran’s will learn the business acumen they need to start new careers and businesses successfully and how to become their own medicine for health and quality of life long-term

Your donation registration fees pay it forward for patients in need to recieve acupuncture and self care training via our Chillax Om Foundation’s Wellness hour program.

Here is what our honored Veterans will receive at this Nov. 10-12, 2023 Veteran’s Day Weekend Workshop event:

1. Stress management, peak performance, and longevity holistic health tools training such as breathwork, meditation, yoga, chigong and martial arts.

2. Community acupuncture from Dr. Andrea Renee, DACM, that has been shown to effectively treat PTSD and chronic pain in clinical research studies.

3. Business acumen, growth and leadership training from Chip and Dr. Andrea whom each have over 30 years of entrepreneurship experience as well as being business consultants and health and human performance coaches for over 20 years.

4. Mindset for success in life and business from Mark Case leading by his own example as a retiring Veteran creating his own life coaching practice to serve Veteran’s just like him navigating transition into a new civilian life chapter after serving our country for 17 years in the Army. Mark has been personally working with Chip and Dr. Andrea reinventing himself and his career and like them will share his personal experience and the mindset and daily wellness lifestyle practices that are delivering real results personally and professionally. 

5. Community support and accountability for long-term health, longevity, meaningful fulfillment and success in every area of life.

Participation in this Chillax Om Foundation 501c3 non-profit annual fundraiser workshop is the beginning of lifelong membership in our Veteran Workshop Alumni community.

Even if you can’t join us live this year, you can register for next year and still donate today and pay it forward funding scholarships for those in need to receive the Chillax Om Foundation’s Wellness Hour holistic essential health care program of community acupuncture and self care training.

We thank you for your generous support and joining us in honoring our Veteran’s and public servants for their service to our country and faciltating their health, wellbeing and legacy.

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Dates & Purchase Option To Be Announced

1. $1000 for exclusive Weekend Worshop Package

Note: There are only 20 spots available.

We have a limited number of 20 live attendance tickets available for our Chillax Om Foundation annual Veteran’s Day Weekend Workshop, Friday Nov. 10-Sunday 12, 2023.

Arrive 5p Friday evening for our meet and greet orientation followed by dinner out from 7p-9p. Saturday workshops with Mark Case 9a-12p and Harlow Reseburg 3p-7p with Dr. Andrea’s Wellness Hour acupuncture and self care training following our lunch break 12p-2p. Sunday 9a-1p panel hot seat laser coaching for all participants.

Participants also gain bonus access to exclusive Veteran Workshop alumni only resources, guidance, trainings and special social events with a like minded, value and impact driven community of Veteran’s and public servants dedicated to supporting each other personally and professionally in living meaningful and fulfilling lives making a lasting positive impact on humanity and in the world at large.

2. Join our $100 Pre-Workshop group excursion

Bristlecone Shooting Range, Denver, CO:

Friday Nov. 10 at 9a-1p to Bristlecone Shooting Range to enjoy a John Wick-esque experience followed by of your choice for an additional cost at the restaurant.

3. Join our $500 VIP Advanced Training Package:

Includes the above Bristlecone John Wick-esque Shooting range experience and lunch plus…
 Exclusive Sunday Nov. 12th post workshop VIP small group lunch 1p-3p and advanced 3 hour training session 3p-6p with custom hot seat lazer coaching and strategic next steps plan design with 6 months of monthly small VIP group mastermind accountability virtual sessions.
Virtual Options if You Can’t Join Us in Person:

4. Join our $247 Four Week Weekly zoom Virtual Bootcamp

4 Week Virtual Bootcamp starts Sat. 10/14/23 at 3pm MT/ 2pm PT/ 5pm ET

Register now for our $197 Early Bird Deal until 10/10/23.

5. Receive lifetime access to our $147 Live Workshop Recording.

Register now for our $97 Early Bird Deal that ends 10/10/23.

6. Donate any amount here.

Every dollar adds up and provides the gift of wellness to those in need. Together all of our dollars help more people find health and wholeness.

7. Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors can donate a whole 6 week wellness hour program for a group of 10 people for just $1800! For just $3600 a group of 20 people in need can have 6 weeks of our wellness hour program! Your company can donate a full 10 or 20 person program or any amount!


Dr. Andrea Renee Rivera, DACM - Mind-Body Mastery class and Wellness Hour Community acupuncture treatment with Self Care Training for stress management and optimal health

In addition to experiencing acupuncture, breathwork, chigong, yoga and meditation techniques to get you into a peak performance state during our workshop weekend, you will also get a practical handbook to your mind-body with simple, doable, and effective tools you can use long-term to manage your stress, energy, mental focus and emotional state.


Mark Case - Army Veteran Mindset Mastery Class

Nearly 17 years ago, after two prior careers in public service as a police officer and EMT, Mark enlisted in the U.S. Army. With a profound sense of duty, he dedicated himself to defending the values and freedoms that make this nation great as a Private First Class and commissioned officer. After years of honorable service, Mark retired early and embarked on a new mission to improve the lives of his fellow transitioning military personnel.

With an unwavering commitment to facilitating his brothers and sisters in arms building new meaningful, successful, and fulfilling lives after their military service, Mark founded Warriors Unsilenced that assists veterans in finding a new sense of purpose and normalcy in their lives. Recognizing the unique challenges that come with transitioning to civilian life, Mark’s organization provides comprehensive support, guidance, and resources to facilitate a smooth transition for veterans.

Through mentorship programs and community events a sense of camaraderie and support is fostered that is often missed after leaving the military. By facilitating these connections veterans can share their experiences, learn from one another, build lasting friendships, and become empowered veterans embracing their future with confidence, purpose, and a newfound sense of fulfillment.


Harlow Reseburg, III - Superhuman Peak Performance Coach, Spirit Mastery Class

A picture of Harlow ''Chip'' Reseburg IIIHarlow “Chip” Reseburg III is Dr. Andrea’s friend, colleague, and personal peak performance coach walking with her on the journey of becoming ever more Superhuman. Chip is an expert health hacker that practically applies positive psychology and it’s connection to timeless and universal wisdom in his coaching for personal performance and fulfillment, as well as in his one-on-one deep internal spiritual work.

Chip walks his talk and in his practical trainings shares his personal ongoing journey to becoming superhuman and the peak performance primer lifestyle he practices daily and teaches his clients to become the best versions of themselves and make the most valuable contribution they can to society with their heart for service, skills, and talents.

He has an extensive martial arts background in Tae Kwon Do, Ninpo, Doce Pares, Daoist Internal Martial Arts, breath work, and meditation and managed a successful martial arts studio with over 250 students. Chip was taught directly under the master’s son, who was also a master, and trained Olympic tryout hopefuls.

With a blue-collar trades and artistic upbringing, Chip has an education in Computer Science, traveled over half a million miles, read over a thousand books, and lives a high-flow lifestyle with a rigorous daily schedule that rivals formal military training.

Living a peak performance lifestyle has manifested in an eclectic and diverse career list of over 20 professions ranging from computer network technician to architectural and utilitarian blacksmithing.

As an entrepreneur, Chip started selling his own artwork in grade school, and currently being self-employed for over 20 years, founded a social-centered startup that was a semi-finalist in the Build-A-Business competition with Tim Ferris and Richard Branson.

In the professional coaching space, Chip has advised New York Times best-selling authors, venture capitalists and angel investors, fortune 500 CEOs, and venture projects up to mid-cap scale ($500M).

You will have the incredibly special opportunity to meet and work with Chip live at this Chillax Om Foundation Fundraiser Weekend Retreat! ($10,000 value)

You can learn more about Chip via linked in,

You can book a meeting to learn more about working with him,