Zinc Ionophores: Your Next Best COVID-19 Prevention Supplement

Feb 21, 2022 | Health Coaching

Are Zinc Ionophores good for you? The answer could very well be in the affirmative!

Zinc supplements for COVID prevention have been steadily gaining popularity, and for good reason. For people who have began taking them regularly, they have been proven to help strengthen your natural immunity against viruses that threaten to impede your daily activities.

Taking zinc supplements regularly can integrate seamlessly in your daily life. With little to zero side effects, you can expect extra protection from a virus that unfortunately still continues to spread as the days progress.

Until we get to the point that COVID is virtually negligible, we still need to protect ourselves. Read all about zinc below:

Zinc preserves tissue barriers

According to this study, individuals with a zinc deficiency have been observed to suffer the brunt of COVID-19 infection with more complicated symptoms than their counterparts who took zinc almost daily. Why is this so? Let us explain!

Natural tissue barriers serve as one of many ways the human body can naturally fight off illnesses and pervading symptoms. Respiratory epithelium is an example of a tissue barrier that prevents pathogen entry. Think of zinc as its shield against an upcoming enemy force, and the natural tissue barriers as the knight that protects you. The shield strengthens the knight, thus keeping viruses at bay.

It inhibits viral replication

Apart from preventing viral entry, zinc can also effectively prevent its replication in the body. COVID-19 gets worse because its cells can replicate rapidly, which is why we feel terrible once the symptoms proceed to get much worse.

Because there still is no known cure for COVID-19, we can operate on the assumption that prevention is still much better than cure. The more we prevent entry and stop the virus from replicating within us, the better off we are with proceeding with daily activities.

The risk of hyper inflammation is reduced

Inflammatory symptoms are not so common for COVID-19 patients, but some infected persons have been experiencing them before and/or after the standard ten-day quarantine period.

A new symptom has started to emerge called COVID tongue, wherein the mouth may be covered with cold sores. It’s normally observed at the edges of the tongue (where the tongue hits the teeth), and underneath it.

COVID rashes are a recent observation as well. Even after the ten-day quarantine, patients could observe mosquito bite-like bumps on the leg area that comes and goes. Upping your zinc can help stop these inflammations from happening altogether.

Zinc could potentially benefit older people

Zinc’s properties that fight against inflammation and effectiveness in individuals with chronic lung diseases can make them an essential supplement for older people, if you can get a hold of zinc pills.

Even with vaccination, older patients remain most at risk when it comes to COVID-19. No matter how fit or healthy they appear to be, aging still takes its toll on the body and your immune system is only going to get weaker with time. Thus, natural supplements like zinc ionophores are a great way to remain extra protected against new illnesses. These supplements, combined with a healthy diet and exercise, can prevent COVID.

It’s cost-efficient, with little to no side effects

At Walmart, zinc caplets retail at around three dollars to seventeen dollars for pricier brands, making them quite affordable and ideal to be taken once a day. Your diet may vary, and the optimum amount of zinc may not be in your body all the time. One tablet a day should sustain and protect you with other healthy COVID prevention measures.

Most side effects related to zinc don’t come out unless you take more than 40 mg of zinc daily. Monitor your zinc intake and don’t take any more than you need to.

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